Prescription TAKE BACK

Simple & Proper Disposal of Unused Medication - No DEA registration -
Any business or government agency can run an envelope take back program

Protect Our Environment

Reducing intentional sewer disposal is one way to help reduce environmental loading of pharmaceuticals into waterways. 1

Protect Our Children

More than half of people aged 12 or older who misuse pain relievers obtained them from a friend or relative. 2

Protect Our Country

174 Americans die every day from drug-related overdoses. 3

Envelope Features

Our Take Back Program removes dangerous prescriptions from medicine cabinets, keeping unused medication out of the wrongs hands and away from our environment.

  • No DEA registration required.
  • Envelope tracked from mailbox to destruction facility in real time.
  • Track unused medication destroyed for your program or community.
  • Regulated disposal at DEA permitted facility.
  • Certificate of destruction provided.
  • Perfect for any business!

Available in cases of 50 and 250.

Be Wary of Chemical Medicine Disposal Products!

  • Federal Agencies have not reviewed, evaluated, endorsed, or certified any medicine disposal products. Any statements that imply a project has been approved or meets a specific regulatory requirement should be viewed as the opinion of the product's manufacturer, not an agency determination.

Chemical Envelopes

ARXG Envelopes

Legal in ALL States

DEA Regulated

Track Total Weight Destroyed

Clean Energy Created

View Program Results via Portal

We offer the industry’s LOWEST COST Envelope solution. Period.

Single stage pricing

A complete turn key mail back program, specifically designed for smaller mail back programs, singular events, etc.

Two stage pricing

A complete turn key system that affords a “pay as they are destroyed” program. This allows larger mail back programs the added protection from participants taking an envelope and then not using it or discarding it in your take back receptacle. You only pay for what is destroyed.

Bundled Pricing Available!

We tailor this program to your specific needs.

Tracking Map
Track the amount of medication collected and destroyed via our online management portal. Know exactly the amount destroyed.

Brand Your Own Take Back Program

This is your Take Back Program! Brand it your way, advertise your brand/products/incentives. Minimum order required.

  • Hand out at state fairs
  • Hand out at National Take Back Days
  • Have students bring home
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