Easy-to-use liner system

Easily Fill and Seal. No Headaches.

Our 38/28 Gallon Disposal Liners are DoT, FDA, and UPS® compliant and allow medical facilities to easily disinfect, collect used protective equipment, and ship it through UPS®. You no longer have to rely on a traditional refuse companies or garbage collection. Any gear knowingly exposed to an infectious disease needs to be decontaminated.

Your program. Your way.

Feature-Packed Management Portal

Our management portal tracks your contaminated medical PPE gear from collection to destruction, providing a full historical detail of your program’s performance and giving you the peace of mind that your medical waste has been destroyed, generating clean energy in the process.


Sustainable. Future-focused.

Energy-From-Waste (EfW) Destruction

By partnering with one of the largest Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities, we not only prevent PPE from going into landfills and waterways, but also minimize their overall environmental impact.

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