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Kiosk Rental vs. Buying

Don’t have the budget for a kiosk or only need it for an event? We offer several solutions for whatever your needs are. Our rental is a great option during COVID-19 to ensure safe disposal and collection.

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Why Rental Kiosks Are Useful

Sharps Rental Kiosk

Tossing sharps in the trash puts waste management workers and our environment at risk. Help the community safely and efficiently dispose of sharps using our secure Sharps Rental Kiosk.


Unused Meds Rental Kiosk

Prescription drug abuse is one of the fastest growing drug problems in the country. Protect your community by providing a simple, safe and effective way to remove these dangerous prescriptions from medicine cabinets and protect our waterways.


PPE Rental Kiosk

Safely collecting PPE is DOT, FDA, and UPS® compliant and allows medical facilities to easily disinfect, collect used protective equipment, and ship it through UPS®.


Worry-Free Tracking

Your Program. Your Way.

Our management portal tracks your medication disposal from creation to destruction, providing a full historical detail of your program’s performance and giving you the peace of mind that your medical waste has been certifiably destroyed.

American-Rx-Group-solutions-order-sharps-container-picked-up-Step1Picked Up

American-Rx-Group-solutions-order-sharps-container-in-transit-Step2In Transit

American-Rx-Group-solutions-order-sharps-container-transfered-Step4At Facility

American-Rx-Group-solutions-order-sharps-container-destroyed-Step5Certified Destroyed

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) destruction

Sustainable. Future-Focused.

By partnering with one of the largest Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities, we not only prevent medications from going into landfills and waterways, but also minimize their overall environmental impact.


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