American-Rx-Group-home-drug-take-back-slider-mobile-bg Fill. Seal. Ship. Compliance Guaranteed. Universal Mail-In Take Back Kiosk Liners Our patent-pending, easy-to-use Mail-In Take Back Liners are specially designed to make your efforts a breeze. Fill, ship, and track without the hassle of expensive and inefficient route-pick with our Mail-In Take Back compatible liners, starting at just $40. CONTACT TO SWITCH & SAVE VIEW COMPLIANCE

Liners for any kiosk brand

Patent Pending Liners Starting At $40

Already own a kiosk? Our Mail-In Take Back Patent Pending Liners are universal and can be sized to fit any existing kiosk. Choose from sizes below or call us to discuss a custom sizing option.

Don’t settle for expensive and inconvenient route pick-up, our universal take back liners are approved for easy mail-in take back to save you time and money.

Readily available sizes below, custom sizes available upon request.

Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in)
18.00 14.25 9.5
19.00 13.38 18.50
30.00 12.00 12.00
20.00 15.50 15.50
24.00 15.50 15.50
22.00 13.00 13.00
26.38 17.75 17.75
21.58 12.98 12.98
26.33 17.98 17.98

Save time. Save money.

Take Back Liners are easy to use

Our patent-pending, easy-to-use mail-in take back liner system is universal and specifically designed to make your take back efforts a breeze. Our liners can be sealed and shipped in less than a minute and come with instructions to ensure safety and compliance. Tracking available from start to finish to ensure safe destruction.


Save Money and Time on Your Take Back Liner System!

Universal Liners Starting at Just $40