Create a Full Service Take Back Program

Collect. destroy. Protect.

A Take Back Program should be quick and easy — That’s why we created our “Full Service Take Back Program”, designed with the right tools to effectively collect expired or unused medications, ship and destroy them safely, while managing the process with our “Online Tracking Portal” ensuring full compliance with DEA Regulations.
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Take Back Program

oRder. Ship. Track. Compliance.

With just the click of a button

When you purchase our Take Back Program, you will have access to our online management portal. This portal will help you manage, report, and track the entire process of your program from start to finish.

Already have a cabinet?

Liners available for all cabinets

American Rx Group’s liners are PGII and PGIII DOT compliant and designed to fit any cabinet perfectly to prevent theft, and overflow of medications. We will beat any competitive price!
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Liner Box


DEA Compliant

We are compliant with The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and we guarantee our clients full DEA compliance, with proof of a Certificate of Destruction.

DOT Certified

American RX Group is legally certified by The Department of Transportation to collect and transport unused or expired medications.
DOT-SP 20390  DOT-SP 20255


We partnered with one of the largest Energy-From-Waste incinerator facilities to ensure our environment, communities and wildlife are preserved and protected.

Community safe

Our Full Service Take Back Program is one of the best solutions to keeping communities safe and healthy.